Marketing plan the home depot essay

The company went public in For example, if a customer was waiting on some lumber to be cut down that they requested the associate could offer them a coupon for a free drink with the purchase of a sandwich.

The Home Depot, Inc. In addition, it ranks th in Forbes Global list of the largest companies. As part of this effort, the company greatly reduced the amount of information, mail, and reports each store manager received Mahoney In the demand for better service, Team A has identified a potential project to augment the services provided to customers.

Home Depot’s Marketing Mix (4Ps) Analysis

There are various types of programs and web services that can be used in assisting a company to determine the best locations to open these coffee shops. The garden center area was revised with New table fixture design with larger and brighter wayfinding signage.

Through careful examination of company values, the proposed project, SWOTT analysis, and market research, The Home Depot can add service for existing and potential customers by providing a coffee shop and lounge area to existing stores that would welcome and benefit from this project.

Product Recalls — A Home Depot practice of buying products from a large number of vendors makes it vulnerable when quality levels are insufficient; recently the company has found it necessary to announce several product recalls.

This commitment is driven by the following core values: Tim Crow was hired as Executive Vice President of Human Resources and assigned to oversee all aspects of human resource management as well as address customer service issues.

Business Analysis of Home Depot

Retrieved 31 January, from http: It provides an example of Ultius custom writing services and advanced writer options. The current economic client and comparable store sales figures will force Home Depot to increase its focus on finding a merchandise mix that attracts more customers.

Product The company sells a wide assortment of building materials, home improvement, lawn and garden products such as patio sets, kitchen, doors, windows, grills, bath, lighting, fans and appliances. The do-it-yourselfer has different challenges than the contractor.

European Management Journal, 24 1During the later part of the day and on the weekends the coffee shop could focus on quick lunches for the do it yourselfers and even conduct mixed marketing within the store.

The company went public in One weakness is the current economic landscape. Physical Evidence The average size of a Home Depot store is aboutsquare feet of enclosed space.

Business background of Home Depot The Home Depot was incorporated in as a home improvement retailer. Knowing the daily routine for these employees will ensure a company profit. There are hundreds of stores that operate on a daily basis. Home Depot continues to transforming its information technology applications by converting their Canadian business to a new enterprise resource planning platform.

Published by Tim Friesner Marketing Teacher designs and delivers online marketing courses, training and resources for marketing learners, teachers and professionals. A coffee shop will offer breakfast, coffee, and other early morning items that are a favorite of the clientele.

Many of those employees often stop somewhere to have a cup of coffee and breakfast on the way to work. Marketing ResearchThe Market research for placing a coffee shopMarketing Research is the function that lings the customer, customer and public to the marketer through information.

Home Depot SWOT

Once an organization decides that a marketing research is needed most marketing research projects involve these steps: Home Depot currently employs five Rapid Deployment Centers and plans to open additional centers in This case study has been compiled from information freely available from public sources.

This would cut down on stops for the contractors and the convenience of it would allow The Home Depot to charge a premium. Having a small coffee shop in the location will save the customer time by not having to stop elsewhere for a quick breakfast before a long day at work.

The company runs warehouse-style stores, and they sell a wide assortment of building supplies, home improvement supplies, gardening and lawn care supplies, as well as services such as dumpster and equipment rental.

Government Investigations and Litigation The Home Depot Brand image may also suffer from a number of government inquiries and investigations.

Home Depot continues to transforming its information technology applications by converting their Canadian business to a new enterprise resource planning platform.

Marketing research can be defined in three categories. Would you like to take a lesson on the marketing mix. Fewer customers who are not spending money on luxury purchases such as eating out may prevent the success of this project.

Conclusion The Home Depot is continually looking for methods of enhancing customer service. Their efforts were widely successful. In the demand for better service, Team A has identified a potential project to augment the services provided to customers. This paper will identify the Home Depot Company and its values; define the proposed project; examine SWOTT analysis for implementing the project, and develop a marketing plan.5/5(2).

Home Depot’s marketing mix (4Ps) effectively covers the various concerns in the company’s marketing plan. (Photo: Public Domain) The Home Depot’s marketing mix (4Ps) is a changing set of strategies for the company’s products, place/distribution, promotion, and prices, in response to changes in the home improvement retail market.

- Stages in a Marketing Plan This essay will present the stages of a marketing plan and critically evaluate the differences suggested by the leading authors.

Home Depot’s Marketing Mix (4Ps) Analysis

However it is vital to understand what marketing planning is. Home Depot - Once Home Depot’s marketing plan contains a thorough description of the scissor lift, it will then focus on. Home Depot joins competitors such as Lowes and Menards in taking a second look at expansion plans.

The Home Depot – We are the world’s largest home improvement specialty retailer with stores in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, U.S.

Home Depot’s Vision Statement & Mission Statement

Virgin. Home Depot benefit from the projected growth in online sales. | Future Size of Market – 2, 5, 10 years forward | Home Depot expects the investments in technology to help deliver 4% to 7% of its overall sales through the online channel.

Home Depot Marketing Mix Introduction. Home Depot originated in Atlanta Georgia in when Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank formed MB Associates.

The company went public in The Home Depot stock moved from NASDAQ to the New York Stock Exchange three years later in The company then acquired Bowater’s Home Center.

Marketing plan the home depot essay
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